How Many Different Kinds of Home Siding are There?

Home siding shields your house from weather elements and boosts curb appeal. The type you select depends on your location, taste, and budget. The video discusses the various types available.

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Vinyl is a popular choice for most homeowners as it is pocket friendly. It’s long-lasting and comes in a variety of colors. Insulated vinyl has insulation built into the panels. This adds an R-value and makes your home energy efficient.

Another type is engineered hardwood. The aspen wood is treated with resins and certain additives and comes in different colors. Caulk needs to be applied, and it also comes in different colors.

Hardie’s fiber cement is another available kind, and this is made of cement, water, and sand, making it very durable. You can customize the color to your choice. Crushed rock siding from Everlast is a high-end option and is extremely durable as it’s made from crushed rock, resins, and polymer. It, however, does not have many color options to choose from.

If your current siding does not need replacing, you can choose to have it professionally soft-washed, and this will give it a fresh look.

Examine the various options to determine which one best meets your requirements.


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