The Top Interior Painting Trends of 2023

Homeowners who want a change and think paint is the place to start are correct. Ashley Childers spotlights five paint trends for 2023 that offer colors from light and neutral to dark and dramatic. Read on to learn the current trends!

The first is Warm Neutrals. These light colors are replacing the basic whites and grays that have dominated decorating for the past few years. These warm neutrals are being used for everything from walls to ceilings. Next is Umber Undertones. These are warm colors that range from greens to reds to browns and that all have a warm, brownish undertone — think autumn colors. These can be layered in the same room.

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Then there are Soft Pastels. These are very soft colors used in large, open spaces. They’re not the bright baby blue or lavender seen in many spring palettes, but rather soft, lightly colored paints. Up next are Jewel Tones. These are the saturated hues that the trend’s name implies, from deep reds to bold blues.

Finally, there’s the Dark and Moody trend. Dark grays, dark browns, and even dark maroon colors create cozy and contemplative interiors. Childers also offers tips on how to choose the right paint color for each room, and she offers a link to a paint guide that homeowners can use before meeting with a painting contractor.


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