When Is the Cheapest Time to Cut Down Trees in Your Yard?

If you’re a homeowner, and you have trees in your yard, you may need information about how to care for them. You may already have some trees and want to know when they’ll need to be trimmed or cut down. Here is some information about planting and caring for trees – and the professionals who may be able to help you take care of your trees.

Spring Trees

According to BobVila.com, the best time to plant trees is during the spring. Companies that sell tree seedlings know that many people prefer to plant in spring, so they’ll stock up on varieties of trees and planting accessories. The soil in the springtime is likely to be amenable to trees taking root. Although autumn can sometimes be a good time to plant, your growing trees can be hampered if there is an early frost.

There is some risk in planting during the spring months. The weather will dictate how many of the months will be suitable for planting. During the spring, problems may occur if hot weather arrives too soon. If the weather is too hot, the roots can dry out and the plants may die.

During the summer, trees will typically have grown enough for their roots to become stronger. Most experts on planting continue to recommend spring. However, the final choice for planting time should take the soil and weather into consideration.

Choice in Planting

You may be interested to learn there are over 640 species of trees in the U.S. The southeastern U.S. has the widest diversity of tree species. The top three species of trees in the U.S. include the red maple, the loblolly pine, and the sweetgum tree. As you can see, no matter which type of tree you’ll choose to plant this spring, you’ll have more than enough choices of trees.

An arborist will know where in your yard to plant your trees. If you’re on your own with the planting, choose a flat area that’s far enough from your home for your trees to have space to grow. You’ll also want to plant the trees in an area that will get at least six hours of sun, each day. If you have any questions about planting location, you can ask your arborist contractor for advice.

Growing Trees

According to smallspacegardening.com, the leaf canopy (leaves on top of a tree) grows about 1.5 meters per hour during the day, and 0.6 meters per hour at night. The difference in growth rate is thought to be related to changes in atmospheric pressure and humidity. Since we’ve already established spring as the ideal time to plant trees, it should be no surprise that trees will grow fastest during late spring and early summer months. Most leaves of trees emerge during the summer months when the weather is warmer.

If you’re a homeowner, and you have trees in your yard, you may need information about how to care for them. You may already have some trees and want to know when they’ll need to be trimmed or cut down. Here is some information about planting and caring for trees – and the professionals who may be able to help you take care of your trees.

Remove Dead Branches

Although most of the tree’s pruning should be done in the winter (see above) you can remove small tree branches at any time of the year. It’s also a good idea to shape any conifers you may have, on a regular basis. Any time you (or your contractor) see a dead or diseased branch, you should remove it. Keeping a dead branch on the tree can cause damage to nearby branches.

When to Remove a Tree

According to arboristtreeservice.com, the best time to get a tree removed is in the winter or early spring. You may not know when a tree is ready to be removed. One of the most compelling signs is when a tree no longer grows leaves, during the summer. It’s better to allow the tree to be removed; than to let it fall on its own and put nearby trees or structures in danger.

According to Angi.com, tree removal services will cost the least during the winter. Trees that drop occasional branches aren’t considered a high risk, but if the branches fall frequently, the tree may be dead. When a heavy storm has come through your area, if any of your trees have been split, those trees should be removed. Contact a local tree removal service as soon as possible, as a fallen tree presents a risk for damage to your home, from debris and flying branches.

Here are some of the services you might call to help you with caring for – or removing – the trees on your property. All these professionals can help you to keep your landscape healthy – but all can also play a role in showing off your trees. While not all of them can remove a tree, many can advise you on when the tree is ready to be removed.

Tree Arborists

Arborists are professionals who are responsible for all aspects of planting, trimming, inspecting, and removing trees. An arborist’s professional knowledge will help them to decide if a tree has a disease or infection – and, what to do about it. Arborists can also make recommendations about soil, planting times and, how to care for your trees during periods of drought. An arborist will know the cheapest time to cut down trees.

An arborist doesn’t need to have a college degree, but many companies prefer to hire only arborists with a degree. A person becoming an arborist may seek a degree in horticulture or environmental science. After some on-the-job experience, they take the certification test, administered by the ISA (International Society of Arboriculture.) According to Fieldcamp.com, the median yearly income for at least half of working arborists was around $46, 970.

Local Tree Service

Although a local tree service may have a certified arborist on staff, requirements for including an arborist on staff vary by state. Before you hire a company to care for your trees, be sure the company is licensed for the services you are requesting. Employees at a tree service can include a tree trimmer (a worker who specializes in trimming or pruning branches of trees.) Some trimmers will cut branches due to tree diseases, while others will cut the trees to allow a tree to match the shape of other trees in your yard.

If a tree in your yard must be removed, a tree removal service can safely remove them and dispose of your dead trees in an eco-friendly way. To remove a tree, a worker must have sufficient knowledge of tree biology, so you may prefer to use an arborist for removing trees. When you need service for the higher branches of your trees, you’ll need a tree climber from the tree service. A local tree service will be able to advise you about the cheapest time to cut down trees.

Lawn Care Companies

A lawn care company does what it says: it takes care of your lawn. According to familyhandyman.com, the best time to plant your lawn depends on the grass you use. Lawn care services will know when to plant and can prepare your soil before planting. Lawns need to be mowed, and a lawn care company is the right team to help you when your grass will be tall in the summer. Lawn care companies may only sometimes be knowledgeable about the cheapest time to cut down trees.

Lawn care companies may be associated with landscaping companies or with tree services. Your preference may be that a lawn company cares for your lawn while a tree service cares for the trees. Dividing the care of your backyard in this way can help your landscaping look wonderful. However, some lawn care companies will work with the roots of your trees – and some may even have a staff of tree workers to collaborate on the property.

Lawn Care

Different lawn care companies perform different services. Some lawn service companies are primarily responsible for cutting grass and weeds. Other lawn care companies help the homeowner invest in future grass growth. These upscale lawn services include testing the soil composition and providing pest control services.

Any contribution to the overall look of the backyard can be an asset for the house. Curb appeal and property value increase with a well-trimmed lawn. Lawn care companies will work with your other contractors to help with your backyard maintenance. They can also help you discuss the cheapest time to cut down trees.

Local Landscaping Contractor

Landscaping companies are responsible for more than your lawn – and they care for more than your trees. A local landscaping contractor will work with you from the beginning; when you’re still in the design phase of your new backyard planning. However, since contractors of landscaping services are responsible for all the growing components of the backyard design, they’ll oversee the care of your – even if they don’t plant them.

Landscaping contractors don’t typically plant trees, but they may plan the flowers for your garden and will purchase the right seeds for the spring – when it’s time to plant your garden. The landscaper may plan which trees to plant and where they will go, but a wise landscaper will contact an arborist to plant and oversee the care for the trees. The landscaping contractor will also ask the arborist about the cheapest time to cut down trees that must be removed before a new project starts.

Trees and Gutters

When planning how many trees to place in your yard and where to put them, it’s important not to plan too many trees. No matter how attractive trees may be, they are always at risk of falling. Falling trees can damage your home, including your windows and gutters. Part of your proactive maintenance for your trees will be to trim branches near your windows and gutters.

If your roof contractor is still contacting you to see if your roof is in good shape, have them check your gutters regularly. Gutter checks should be part of your regular roof inspection. Although roof service companies may not know the cheapest time to cut down trees, they may be able to see a tree that needs to be removed, during a roof inspection. So that you know: the least expensive time to replace your roof is during the summer.

Solar Power

Solar power is becoming a trendy option for homes. It is eco-friendly, and over time, it will save energy costs. A solar energy company installs solar panels. The solar company will typically install them on the side of your home, where they will be in contact with the maximum amount of sun.

The installation of solar panels may be costly at first. However, some states will give you a tax credit for their installation. After that, solar panels will save you money on your energy bills.

Solar Installation

When you decide to install solar panels, you will have to consider the location of your trees. Although you will want the panels to catch the sun, you don’t want them to be in the path of your trees. Talk with the company doing your solar panel installation before the panels are installed. In some cases – especially with older trees – it may be necessary to remove some of your trees to protect your home proactively.

Because of this, you’ll also need to let your tree service company or arborist know about your plans. They’ll be able to advise you on the cheapest time to cut down trees. Hopefully, you can keep your trees and install your panels, but you want to be ready if you can’t do both.

You’re in for a visual treat when you want trees to be part of your backyard landscape. However, knowing how to plan and maintain those trees is good. It’s also good to know which times of year to remove trees when necessary.

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