6 Ways to Beautify Your Homes Exterior

If you’re a homeowner, you understand the value of keeping your home beautiful. That doesn’t mean you should restrict your decorating and upgrading efforts to your interior. There are so many reasons to beautify your home’s exterior including curb appeal, value increase, and so on. If you’re not sure where to begin, in addition to hiring remodeling contractors, follow this useful guide so you can take the steps to have a beautiful exterior that can make your home stand out on the block.

1. Hire a Landscaper and Arborist

Whether you have a front yard or a backyard, landscape is a blessing. So if you don’t have any trees or enough of them on your exterior, it’s time to hire a local arborist or landscaper to plant some. They can add the right trees and shrubs to your environment to create a beautiful look and help clean the air. These services are also useful because strategically planted trees can also make your home more energy efficient and prevent noise pollution. So if you’re someone who’s having problems sleeping because of a noisy neighborhood. Sleeping in a room near some trees can help make sure that you get those 7 to 9 hours of restful sleep per night.

Planting trees around your property is a great way to beautify your home’s exterior while also supplying access to your own fruit. Can you imagine being able to bake pies with apples right from your yard during the holidays? Or you can make your own freshly squeezed orange juice if you’re in a warmer part of the country. When you hire your landscaper and arborist, let them know the type of fruit or nut trees that you’d love to have on your property, and they can plant the rooms that suit the climate and environment..

Unfortunately, you may sometimes have to hire landscaping services to remove trees. A tree removal service comes in handy for safety reasons. If you have trees on your property but some of them are too close to your home, they can easily fall on your house if they become ill or weakened from the weather. It’s something to be extra cautious of as the cold season is about to hit and storms will get worse. Removing the right trees can further beautify your home’s exterior if some of those trees are ill or dying. Deadwood is unsightly on your property and can also attract vermin, which can make things even worse.

2. Get Hardscaping Services

In addition to manicuring the land with landscaping services, you can hire professional heart scapers who can work your walkways and any other pavement. Depending on the landscaping contractor you have, they may also supply hardscaping work. A professional hardscaper can pave your driveway, sidewalk, walkway that leads up to your door, or a walkway that leads from your back door.

If you don’t have a deck or patio in your home, it’s time to get one. Patios and decks are some of the top features home buyers look for in our home. There’s good reason for it, as these features extend your living space and provide ongoing access to nature. After all, having your own patio means you don’t have to go to the park or the beach in order to get a touch of nature. Just slide open your back door and get some fresh air any time of day or night. You could stand outside with a drink or relax for hours, getting some sunshine or looking up at the moonlight. With a new stone patio install, you can beautify your home enough to where it’ll become the center of entertainment in your social circle.

After all, in addition to relaxing and enjoying nature, a patio is a great opportunity for ongoing entertainment. Once you’ve either built a new patio or renovated your existing one with staining or painting, you can host parties, get-togethers, happy hours, and more. Your local hardscaping specialist who specializes in patios can help make your holidays more fun. With Thanksgiving and Christmas coming up, you can enjoy outdoor cooking with an outdoor kitchen on your patio. Or you can take the traditional family dinner from inside to have outside drinks and get-togethers around the fire pit.

Local hardscapers specialize in materials such as stone, cement, brick, etc. So if you want a brick walkway, a stone fish pond, or a cement driveway, you can utilize all these materials to beautify your home’s exterior. Cement, brick, and stone are highly durable materials that can last decades. So if you plan on staying in your home until you pass on, you may be making upgrades that your heirs will further enjoy for years to come once they inherit your house.

3. Improve Your Garage

Your garage is a special part of your home because it stores your cars and protects them from theft. For many homeowners, a garage can also be a makeshift work spot or even a hangout area. Did you know that your garage makes up about a third of your home’s exterior? So Can you imagine how it would look if you have a raggedy garage door that doesn’t match with the other beautiful updates on your property? With residential garage door repair, you can not only ensure your garage is functional and safe, but it can also play a role in helping you to beautify your home’s exterior.

The last thing you want is for your garage door to come crashing down at the wrong moment. A malfunctioning garage door is a safety issue for anyone who’s walking or driving through your garage. Garage door injuries can be catastrophic as well as extremely damaging to a vehicle. When your garage door becomes worn out, it can also create excessive noise that can disturb anyone in your home as well as your neighbors. If you or someone else in your house comes home late at night or has to leave at super early hours in the morning, an excessively noisy garage door can disturb someone from a restful sleep.

When it comes time to pick your garage door design, you have several choices to consider to beautify your home’s exterior. There are garage doors made of fiberglass, wood, metal, and vinyl. You can have your traditional automatic garage door as well as one that opens and closes manually like a barn door. If you have some beautiful cars that you don’t mind showing off, you can have a transparent or semi-transparent garage door. By adding a garage door screen, you can have the best of both worlds, in which you have a transparent enclosure to see outside while being protected from insects and some weather elements.

4. Replace Your Windows

Windows are unique home features, as they’re one of the few elements of your home that you can see from both the inside and the outside. So if your windows are cracked or outdated, it’s time for window glass replacements. In addition to making your home more energy efficient and allowing you to save on electric bills, these window replacements can also make your home look better from the outside. After all, old outdated windows that may have been dusty and cracked, that are replaced by beautiful double pane windows or French windows can make your home look like a completely new place.

Don’t forget about the beautiful beauty of window treatments. While you may focus on window treatment inside the home, such as blinds and curtains, you can take the same amount of care on your external ones. Beautify your home’s exterior by installing awnings over your windows. Awnings make your home more energy efficient as they provide additional shade and block cold. These exterior shades can come in different designs and colors that go with your overall exterior design. When house painters work their magic outside, they can paint awnings in the trimming color to unify them with the rest of the house.

Awnings aren’t the only window treatment that can beautify your home’s exterior. If you’ve ever been to the Mediterranean or seen a Mediterranean-style home, then you have likely seen colorful wooden shutters that open in the style of double windows to the world. If you love that style, why not add window shutters to your home? Shutters can also be painted to match your home trimming.

5. Get Professional Painters

There are so many reasons to hire professional painters to help beautify your home’s exterior. A professional paint job has a good rate of return and can help make your home stand up on the block. Before home painting contractors begin working, they will make any necessary repairs to your exterior walls. After all, your home is exposed to the elements such as rain, hail, snow, and UV rays. Hungry insects can also do their fair share of damage to your siding and exterior paint. So if the outside paint job is beginning to look faded, has peeling paint, or has an outdated color, let the painting professionals change that.

If you want to stick with the original color of your exterior, a new paint job can still make it look new, as a fresh coat of paint has more vibrancy and painters can even add an additional finish to make it shine more. Plus, once you understand how professional painters work, you’ll know that any paint job of theirs will always make your walls look new again. Painters will make repairs, such as filling in cracks, holes, and dents that are on your outside siding. They wash your exterior walls and make sure they’re free of any dirt or grime. Painters smooth out the walls by sandblasting them. Once the walls are super smooth and clean, it makes it easier for primer and paint to adhere. They add a couple of layers of primer and several layers of exterior paint. They’ll finish things off with a protectant sealant and any finishes that you desire.

When it comes to exterior paint, you may have a dilemma over what type of color to choose. If your existing color is outdated and not your style, you can always opt for your favorite color. Is your favorite color a little too bold to paint the entire house with? Exterior painters can always use a lighter or more muted shade of that color, or they could use the bold color in trimmings. During your consultation, p painters will sit down with you to discuss your color preferences and style. So don’t worry about not being an artist who doesn’t have an eye for design. Professional painters understand color theory and can help you set any mood that you want on your exterior or interior home.

6. Get Higher Quality Roofing

Your roof protects your home from the elements and is an important part of your structure. It’s also one of the parts of your home that you can only see from the outside. So upgrading your roof with higher quality materials is the right step to beautify your home’s exterior. Roofs made from asphalt tiles are popular and versatile. Matter of fact, asphalt roofing is still the most popular type of roof used in the United States. However, metal roofing is quickly gaining popularity for a number of reasons, such as its durability and beauty. According to Bob Vila, metal and slate roofing can last as long as 50 to 70 years. For roofing that lasts as long as a century, consider ceramic tiling.

Gutter contractors also play a role in helping you beautify your home’s exterior. Your gutters help usher water away from your roof so that moisture doesn’t set in and cause it to rot. After all, a rotten roof is an unsightly one that’s also dangerous. Gutters also come in different styles and colors that can match the aesthetics of your home. A gutter contractor that installs new gutters may also be available to clean them and update them regularly.

As you can see, you have several ways to beautify your home’s exterior. Keep up with your landscaping, install a beautiful deck, enlist the professional services of gutter contractors, and of course, don’t forget the benefits of quality painting. Hopefully, this guide will help you have fun beautifying your home’s exterior so you can have an appealing residence for years to come.

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