How Tree Removal Services in Maine Can Cut Down a Tree in Four Hours

In This YouTube video, tree removal services discuss how to bring down an average-sized tree in yards in four hours. The idea behind the video is to show the process of safely removing branches and limbs, bringing the tree down. Many homeowners think that you can simply use an ax or a chainsaw around the base of the tree and bring the tree down quickly.

Video Source

However, this is neither safe nor is it advised that you do so.

In this YouTube video, you can watch tree removal services go through the process of carefully removing all of the small branches and then placing them in one location. Once the crew arrives, the larger limbs are removed from the tree. Tree lopper tools are then used to remove the remaining branches and limbs from the tree, ultimately leaving the trunk of the tree. From there, the tree truck is brought down in chunks to safely remove it. This process continues until all that is left is the base of the tree and the root system, also known as the stump. All in all, the YouTube video illustrates how tree removal services can safely bring a large tree down.

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