Your Guide to Installing Steel Doors

All building projects need secure openings, which calls for proper frame installation. In this video, the Steel Door Institute explains the steps involved in properly installing a door frame for steel doors. It starts with locating the frame at the door opening location to verify the frame opening number and the opening location number match.

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Next, the installer compares the handing and the frame’s size to the drawing before confirming the hardware schedule. They then inspect the frame to verify it has the proper hardware reinforcements, hinge size, closer mounting, and strike type. The type of floor finish the construction project will use is considered to prevent dragging.

The installer now preps the frame, stands it up at the proposed location’s wall line, and then places a spreader between the hinge and strike jams on the floor to ensure alignment during anchoring. Once the frame is in place, they temporarily brace the jam before installing a tie wire to hold the mid-frame spreader. The expert says one should continually check for the frame’s plumb level and square after adjustments.

He starts laying the block, placing a wire anchor after every third course. After about eight to nine courses, they let the masonry set overnight. On day two, the bricklayer removes the braces and lays the block until it reaches the frame’s top. They then fill the head of the frame with mortar, placing a vertical brace from the bottom of the head down to the floor to prevent sagging. He then puts a lentil over the frame’s head and checks for the level to ensure it’s not sagging before concluding the installation.


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